The Added Benefits of Home Care

Are you assisting a loved one at home and beginning to feel thinly stretched? You transport your loved one to doctor appointments and run necessary errands for him. Or maybe you regularly clean her home and take care of maintenance issues such as yard work. Then there are daily chores such as washing dishes and doing laundry.

What about the issue of companionship? Perhaps your loved one needs camaraderie, or at the very least, someone to be around should an emergency arise. If you spend time assisting an individual whose declining health has made the tasks of daily life difficult, you may not be aware that home care can help with a variety of details, including providing companionship and running errands. Today we explore the added perks of home health care…


There are things we often assume about home care. For example, you may know that home health aides are able to administer medication. And many people realize that home care covers areas such as personal grooming, as well as bathing and toileting. Catheter care, tube feeding, and the administration of oxygen are also health-related tasks included in the realm of home care.

But did you know that home health care can also help with a variety of other areas? For example, home health aides often drive clients to their destinations, from regular appointments such as the dentist and the hairdresser to weekly gatherings and worship services. In addition, caregivers can run errands for clients, including routine trips to the grocery store to stock up on necessities. Daily housekeeping and companionship also fall under the umbrella of home care tasks.


Are you searching for home care in MN, such as home senior care in Minneapolis? Baywood Home Care is committed to making it possible for clients to remain in their homes. Did you know that in addition to providing all of the home care services mentioned above, we also arrange other medical and non-medical services that clients may need but may be unable to arrange on their own? Examples of these services are lawn care, snow removal, furnace repair, plumbing, furniture delivery, veterinary care for pets, the installation of ramps and grab bars, the ordering of medical equipment, grocery delivery, landscaping and more.

Are you looking for in-home care in MN? If you are currently assisting a loved one in need but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of tasks required to keep your loved one healthy and happy at home, contact Baywood today to see how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.