Arranging Home Care for a Family Member

A March 2012 USA Today article by Christine Dugas discusses the challenges that children often face when caring for elderly parents. Dugas writes, “Family caregivers take over many responsibilities. One might manage a parent’s finances, while another sibling will take the parent to doctors’ appointments and shopping. Those who move in with a parent take on a significant and sustained burden of care.”

While becoming a family caregiver is a beautiful gift to give a parent or other beloved family member, this option is not the only alternative to moving a loved one to an assisted living or nursing facility. In fact, home care is an increasingly popular option that can make life easier for seniors and their children.

Not to mention, while it is often thought that daughters are the ones who make care arrangements for their parents, it is actually just as common for sons to step up and make key decisions involving parental care. Read on for more details…

Where to Begin

Arranging home care for a parent can seem like an overwhelming task, but there are a few steps you can take to make the process a manageable one. For starters, choosing a home care provider you can trust is a step in the right direction. Has the provider received positive reviews from trustworthy sources? What is the provider’s Better Business Bureau rating?

Not to mention, you will want to make sure that the home care provider you choose offers a range of services that meet your needs. Are you required to pay for a certain number of hours of service per week, or can you build a schedule that’s just right for you and your family? Can you taper that schedule up or down as needed? In addition, is there a consistency of caregivers, and is staffing guaranteed?

Baywood Home Care Can Help

If you live in Minnesota and you’re looking for exceptional home care, such as Minneapolis senior care or Fairmont home care, Baywood can help. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and a commitment to enabling seniors to live where and how they want to live, we take pride in being a cut above other companies that offer private home care services. We offer a degree of highly personalized and dedicated care management, as well as guaranteed staffing, which means that there will always be a caregiver for every scheduled shift. Not to mention, we spend time and effort matching your loved one with a compatible caregiver that he or she will get to know and trust.

When it comes to arranging Minnesota senior care, Baywood is accustomed to working with a range of family members to develop a schedule of care that is tailored to the needs and desires of the client. While many people assume that it is mainly daughters who do the take the time to arrange home care, Baywood works with many sons, nephews and other male family members to arrange home care for their loved ones. We make arranging care easy. Contact us today and discover The Baywood Difference.