A Fresh Start for 2014

A new year provides many opportunities to make a fresh start. If you are currently caring for a loved one and finding yourself in need of additional assistance and support, consider the numerous ways that home care can help you and your family. We at Baywood are here for you. If you are already using the services of Baywood Home Care in MN, the new year is an ideal time to assess the needs of your loved one and modify his or her home care schedule accordingly. Today we explore ways that Baywood can help you make a fresh start in 2014. It’s about getting the most out of your home care service. It’s about enriching the life of your loved one. It’s about making the new year as healthy and happy as possible. Read on for more details…

A New Start

If you are helping to care for a loved one who is requiring more and more assistance, consider involving a home care agency. Baywood Home Care is a Better Business Bureau accredited agency with an A+ rating. We offer a fresh new approach to in-home care. Your family’s needs and aspirations are our top priority. Rather than focusing solely on completing tasks, we turn our attention to the experiences of our clients and their families. Your loved one will receive the safety and benefits of assisted living or nursing home care while enjoying all the comforts of home. Enjoy a new beginning in 2014 with a top-rated home care agency that puts you and your family first. Contact Baywood today to see how we can help.

A Change in Schedule

If you are already receiving care from Baywood, make a fresh start in the new year by taking a look at your loved one’s schedule. Consider increasing services as needed, or changing services that are no longer relevant. For example, while you may have started with hourly care a few hours a week, you may find that additional care is now necessary. We offer care at every level, from several hours a week to live-in home care in Minneapolis and 24-hour home care in Minneapolis. As you know, we not only serve the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, we offer service to Southern Minnesota as well. If you and your loved one are planning a move for 2014 and the new location is in our service area, we are honored to continue providing you with exceptional care.

Helpful Services

We at Baywood also want to remind you of the numerous services we offer our clients in order to make their lives easier. We excel at signature home care tasks such as administering medication, assisting with grooming, monitoring blood sugar, and more. But did you know that we can also help your loved one with tasks such as preparing meals, doing laundry, running errands, and providing transportation to appointments? If you haven’t been taking advantage of these helpful services, make a fresh start in 2014. We are here for you.