A Growing Market for Minneapolis Live-in Home Care Aides

A recent release from the United States Labor Department shows that the demand for home care aides is topping the list of fastest growing jobs in the country. In the next ten years, the government expects that home health aides as an occupation will grow by 48.5% in the next decade—that is almost a 50% increase!

This news is hardly surprising given the growing population of elderly people. The next generations of seniors are not only expected to be more populous than ever, but to also live much longer than generations in the past. As we’ve mentioned before, the current and future populations of seniors are also much more vocal about what they need and want, and they have made it clear that living in a nursing home is not what they want.

In the future as the demand for in-home care aides continues to grow, Baywood Home Care is committed to maintaining the same level of care in vetting and screening our potential caregivers. Baywood’s Caregivers Standards are some of the highest in the area, and we consider them a cornerstone of our organization. Experienced, patient, and kind caregivers are essential to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers and family members. Our caretakers can assist with a wide number of home tasks and errands, from administering medication and monitoring health levels to carrying out errands and offering transportation—with Baywood, your loved one will never be alone. If you would like to learn more about Baywood’s Minneapolis home care services, contact us today.