Taking the Guesswork Out of Coordinating Home Care

A recent USA Today article sheds some light on the process of hiring a home health aide. According to the article, of the 4.7 million people who received long-term care at home in 2012, most of these individuals knew nothing about the process of hiring a home health care provider. Some basics that are often missed: taking the time to hire an experienced licensed provider, and making sure that the agency you hire has a professional staff that manages the in-home care workers. Today we explore the many ways that Baywood takes the busy work off your plate and the guesswork out of hiring a home care provider.

We’re a Top-Rated Company

When it comes to top-rated senior home care in MN, Baywood stands tall with 13 years of experience, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and highly trained caregivers. We are 100% focused on private home care, which prevents us from being sidetracked by other business activities. Rather than being a franchise, we are a Minnesota-based, 100% Minnesota-owned company. Not only do we have higher standards than are typical of other agencies providing home care in MN, we have far more years of experience. We provide service you can trust.

We Coordinate on Your Behalf

There’s no denying that coordinating home care services takes much time and effort. Not only is there the task of organizing a home care schedule, it’s often necessary to coordinate backup in case the home health aide you hire is unavailable with little warning. Caregivers should also be supervised and held to a high standard. These tasks are undeniably important, but what if they didn’t all have to fall on your shoulders? At Baywood, we take care of hiring exceptional, qualified caregivers. We conduct extensive background checks of potential employees, including checks of previous employment references, driving records, and both Minnesota and national misdemeanor and criminal records. We offer a wide array of services and work with you to create a home care schedule that meets your needs. Not to mention, Baywood provides guaranteed staffing through an extensive caregiver backup system. We ensure that there will always be a caregiver for every scheduled shift, and we provide unmatched consistency of caregivers. We manage our employees so you don’t have to.

We’ve Got You Covered

Baywood is a top-rated company offering a fresh new approach to in-home care in MN. We hire only the best caregivers, and we hold them to the highest of standards. We provide guaranteed staffing, ensuring you have service whenever you need it. We take the guesswork out of coordinating home care. We’ve got you covered. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.