Helping Families Help Their Loved Ones

Meet Dorothy,  a woman who is helping families discover that home care can be an affordable and viable alternative for their loved ones.

At age 48, Dorothy Muffett was seriously re-thinking her successful career as a research and development vice president at a Fortune 500 company. Was this what she really wanted to do for the next 20 years? She took a leap and quit her job without knowing what would come next. Now 14 years later, she is running a successful business, and her company, Baywood Home Care, has given hundreds of people the option of staying in their homes rather than moving to nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

“I was ready for a change. I was very immersed in the corporate world, and felt that I’d be happier to be more focused on people,” recalls Muffett. “I looked at different options and this field felt right. I started Baywood Home Care completely on intuition. I had no business plan. I knew nothing about the industry and I didn’t even complete a financial analysis. It just felt like a good fit, and at the time there were few competitors.”

Muffett believes in being a good employer: treating people well, creating a collaborative work environment and providing a good benefits package. One of the most important results of this is unusually low caregiver turnover.“People tell us repeatedly that they are impressed and amazed with the consistency of our caregivers. The caregivers and clients get to know one another. We do this far and away better than other companies.” She’s also proud of Baywood’s success in matching compatible caregivers (home health aides) with clients.

As a local market leader, Baywood Home Care is gradually helping to change people’s perceptions about home care. “Many people who now end up moving to assisted living or to a care center would probably stay living at home if they knew they could. We want to educate people about the home care alternative. Almost invariably, clients and families are very happy with home care if they decide to try it; it almost always works out well. We want people to choose the long-term care option for their family for the right reasons. Home care is not for everyone, but it can be really great for many people.”

With locations throughout the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota, Baywood Home Care is eager to start helping families you know with highly personalized home care services and R.N. Care Management. For additional information, contact us at 763-546-8899.