How Home Care Affects Family Caregivers

If you’ve been the one caring for an aging family member, it can be difficult when you realize that you need the help of a home care agency. Perhaps you came to this conclusion when caring for your loved one began to put a strain on your marriage, your career, or your ability to care for your children. As mentioned in an ElderCarelink article by Carol Bradley Bursack, “Often we go into caregiving blinded by love and compassion for our sick elders and the need we feel to care for them. We generally don’t stop and think that this could go on for years.”

If caring for a loved one has caused your life to lose balance and the situation does not seem to be temporary, home care is one possible answer. Finding a home care agency you can trust is a step in the right direction. Read on for tips on how to cope with this life transition, and if you’re searching for Minnesota elder care, we just might be able to help…

Emotions Run High

Caring for a loved one can conjure many emotions, from the sadness of seeing your family member’s health decline to the frustration that arises when life becomes more complicated and stressful than it once was. Then there’s the guilt that can accompany a decision to seek outside help. Not to mention, the protective feelings that can result when a home health aide begins tending to the tasks that you once lovingly completed for your cherished family member.

The important thing to remember is that you have a right to feel what you are feeling and to seek help when life as a caregiver begins to take its toll. As Carol Bradley Bursack writes, “Giving care to our parents as they age can, indeed, be an honor. However, it can also be a danger to the rest of your life if you can’t find a balance. Part of that balance is finding time for self-care as well as caring for the rest of your family.” Whether you are caring for a parent or another loved one, seeking help may result in a healthier, happier life for all of those involved.

Transitioning to Home Care

The transition to home care should be handled delicately so your loved one is prepared when home health aides begin taking over tasks that you once handled. However, don’t discount the importance of this transitional phase for you as well. While it may take some time to get used to the idea of “strangers” coming into your family member’s home and caring for him or her as you once did, finding a home care provider that you trust can do wonders in maintaining a sense of peace about your decision.

Make sure the agency you choose is committed to providing the highest quality of service from well-trained and experienced home health aides. Finding a provider that keeps the lines of communication open and welcomes your feedback is essential. In addition, a home care agency that gives you the flexibility to taper their services up or down as needed will help ensure that your loved one can remain at home and under consistent care indefinitely.

Baywood Can Help

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