Home Care for Couples is Cost-Effective

Transitioning to home care is a process, both for the person receiving care and for family members of that individual. Nobody offers support quite like a spouse, but what if that spouse also ends up requiring care? Is it possible for both partners to afford care, and it is realistic for two individuals in need of care to remain at home? Believe it or not, care for couples at home is a cost-effective, realistic option. Today we explore the benefits of home care for couples.


While many assume that home care for two people is double the cost of individual care, you may be surprised to learn that the increased cost for the second person is often small—less than 15% more! However, when it comes to assisted living or nursing care, the cost for a couple is in fact double the cost of individual care. Still having doubts about whether home care for couples is cost-effective? Here are a couple more points to consider…


If you’re pondering options that range from assisted living and nursing care to the possibility of home care, the quality of care you receive is likely to be a factor in your decision. There’s no denying that home care offers a level of personalization and attention that’s hard to match at a facility. For one thing, home care enables clients to remain in the comfort of their homes and design a schedule that is based on their specific needs. Some home care providers offer a wide range of options that allow for flexibility, whether care is needed for a few hours a week or 24 hours a day.

In addition, when it comes to home care, clients are often matched with compatible caregivers who are supervised by R.N.s. The high level of personal attention and care that results is extremely beneficial to clients, whose caregivers and R.N. care managers get to know them well.


Are you searching for Minnesota senior care for couples? Baywood Home Care serves the greater Minneapolis and St.Paul metro area, and much of south central and southwestern Minnesota, providing exceptional Elder care in MN. From hourly services and live-in care to care for those with memory loss, we make it possible for spouses to design health care plans that best meet their needs. And with the additional cost of care being less than 15% more than the cost of home care for an individual, there’s no doubt that remaining at home can be a reality for couples. For more details about our Minnesota elder care options, check out our fees for services and discover how Baywood can help. Contact us today!