Home Care Serves Clients and Their Families

The decision to keep a loved one at home is an empowering one, especially when home care is involved. However, according to a recent AARP report showcased by Home Health Care News, not only are family caregivers increasing the level of care they are providing in order to keep their loved ones out of nursing care, “nearly a quarter of those are doing so without the help of a trained professional.” While the love and dedication shown by these family members is admirable, their willingness to take on complex care such as providing wound care and operating specialized medical equipment may come with a price.

The AARP also reveals that over half of those who performed five or more nursing tasks for a loved one also reported feeling down, depressed or hopeless during the two weeks before they were consulted for the report. As mentioned in the Home Health Care News article, the report suggests “that taking on these responsibilities may be beyond what many nonprofessional senior caregivers are capable of on a sustainable basis.”

Luckily, the flexible nature of many home health care providers may help alleviate some of the stress experienced by family members caring for their loved ones. For example, some family members may use home care as a way to supplement the care they currently provide. Others may find that home health aides are able to take over completely, and even more efficiently than imagined.

The key lies in finding a home care provider that you can trust. When kind, compatible and reliable home health aides are involved, there is a peace of mind that can combat the most stressful of moments. Not to mention, having others to assist with the duties involved in caring for a loved one is invaluable, especially when you consider services such as administering medication, assisting with personal care, and meeting the housekeeping and transportation needs that an older loved one may require. Family members who are feeling overwhelmed can take comfort in the fact that they don’t have to do it all alone.

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