Home Health Care Helps with the Details

Caring for a loved one from home requires the management of many details. There are safety issues to consider.  Should your loved one be supervised at all times? Should certain items be kept out of reach? There are issues of independence. Is your loved one able to prepare his or her own meals? What about the cleaning and maintenance of the home? Finally, there are personal care details, from catheter care and medication administration to the lifting of your loved one should he or she become immobile.

If the details become overwhelming, remember that you can always ask for help. Home health care agencies support you and your family by providing in-home care on a variety of levels. Are you searching for home health care in Minnesota? Today we look at the many ways that Baywood Home Care can help.


Caring for a loved one is a beautiful gift you can offer. Even if you intend to provide all of the care yourself, there may be times when the details begin to add up. For example, there is the matter of medication dosage and scheduling, in addition to personal care, such as grooming. If your loved one requires transportation to and from appointments and gatherings, this must be arranged. If memory loss is a factor, there is the issue of supervision and companionship. Can your loved one be left alone?

Even if you are able to provide care the majority of the time, what about those moments when you must tend to work and family duties, or those weekend and evening commitments that require you to be away from your loved one? Are assisted living and nursing care the only options for help and support with all of the details? Absolutely not.


At Baywood, we take great pride and care in overseeing the details. In fact, no detail is too big or small for us to handle. We are the premier provider of private senior home care in Minneapolis, and we serve the St. Paul metro area, as well as all of southern Minnesota. We can provide you with as much or as little care as you need. Are you looking to supplement the care you offer your loved one? No problem. We are well accustomed to providing care when family caregivers are absent, even on a flexible hourly basis. Should your loved one need more assistance, we also offer services such as overnight care and 24-hour care.

Not to mention, we offer a range of services, from medication and oxygen administration to tube feeding and catheter care. In addition, our home health aides can transport clients to appointments and get-togethers, as well as run errands, prepare meals, and do other necessary home tasks. Our goal: to make it possible for our senior clients to continue living happily and successfully wherever they want to live. We put your mind at ease by taking care of the details.

If you are currently overseeing care for your loved one and are beginning to feel stretched, know that we are here for you. Baywood provides Minnesota senior care, from live-in care in Minneapolis to home care in Fairmont. Contact us today for details.