Home Health Care Is on the Rise

A recent Home Health Care News article points to the rising demand for home medical supplies. In fact, this piece by John Yedinak spotlights a report by Freedonia, which claims that the world demand for home medical equipment is expected to rise 7% each year and reach $28 billion in 2016. A variety of factors contribute to these figures, including the pervasiveness of chronic conditions such as respiratory disorders and kidney failure.

In fact, a publication from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation sheds some light on the rise in home health care, citing issues such as a large number of Americans with chronic medical conditions, as well as longer life expectancies and advances in technology. In addition to these well-documented trends and factors, there are many reasons why home care for seniors is increasing. Today we explore why home health care is so appealing:


The ability to stay in one’s home is an option that provides freedom and independence to seniors. Familiar surroundings and the comforts of home have undeniable benefits, as does the ability to live where and how one wants to live. While health concerns and difficulties with transportation and household chores may prompt loved ones to investigate assisted living or nursing home options, home health care can help in all of these areas and ultimately serve as a realistic alternative to facility living.


While at first it may seem that assisted living or nursing home care is inevitable (especially if the level of required care for a loved one is likely to increase), many home health care providers can taper services up or down as needed. In other words, the transition to facility living may not be necessary. For example, a client may start out needing only a few hours of assistance per week, then gradually require additional services until 24-hour care is a reality. Not only can

home health care providers meet these needs as they arise, they can even decrease services as a client improves. This level of flexibility means peace of mind for clients and their loved ones.


Because home health care offers seniors independence and the flexibility of adjusting service levels as needed, it can eliminate disruptive transitions. Seniors are allowed to remain in the comfort of home rather than moving from location to location as health care needs change. Plus, clients have the consistency of working with caregivers who truly get to know them. In fact, many home health care providers make an effort to match clients with compatible caregivers, increasing the quality of care.

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