The Importance of Caring Caregivers

We’ve all heard stories of home health aides who don’t seem to have a rapport with the clients they assist. In turn, clients have a difficult time welcoming them into their homes, reinforcing an already difficult situation involving a loss of privacy. In fact, if you are a person who is facing the task of arranging home care for a loved one, you may expect a certain level of resistance as your family member or friend gets used to the idea of welcoming a stranger into his or her home. But ideally those initial feelings of hesitancy will transition into feelings of acceptance and peace as your loved one gets to know and trust his or her caregiver.

Yet this isn’t always the case. For example, if you choose a home care provider that does not have a thorough screening process for hiring home health aides, you may struggle with inconsistency and as high turnover rates. Not to mention, if the home care provider does not offer services such as guaranteed staffing, you may find yourself without a caregiver should an emergency arise with your assigned home health aide. That’s why finding a home care provider that puts clients’ needs first is of the utmost importance.

Baywood Caregivers

If you are searching for home health care in Minnesota, Baywood can help. Baywood is the premier provider of private senior home care in Minneapolis, also serving the St. Paul metro area and all of southern Minnesota. Whether you’re looking for home care in Fairmont, home care in Mankato, MN or 24-hour care in Minneapolis, we’ve got you covered. What distinguishes Baywood from the competition?

For one thing, we employ the highest of standards when hiring our caregivers. In fact, Baywood hires only the best nursing assistants and home health aides to serve our clients. We conduct extensive checks of caregivers, and once we have the best of the best, we put special effort into matching our clients with compatible caregivers, with success nearly all of the time! What about those rare instances in which the match isn’t ideal? Simple: If a client is unhappy with a caregiver, a change is always made.

Consistency and Caring

In your search for Minnesota elder care, have you ever wondered what would happen if your loved one’s caregiver became ill or faced an emergency that prevented him or her from providing assistance? At Baywood, we remove the burden of worry by offering guaranteed staffing. We have an extensive on-call system to ensure that clients always receive service, even if the regular home health aide is sick, has car trouble, or for some other reason cannot serve their client that day. Not to mention, we provide superior consistency of caregivers, making it possible for clients to get to know familiar people who they like. Clients who have previously used other agencies tell us that the consistency we provide is FAR superior to that provided by other companies.

We end with one crucial point: the importance of caring caregivers. Baywood home health aides are experienced in providing elder care, including providing care for those with memory loss. They all have previous home care as well as nursing home or hospital experience.  They communicate and listen well.  And they are genuinely nice people who really care. It’s this level of caring that eases your loved one’s transition to home care and creates an atmosphere of peace and trust. Contact Baywood today to find out how your loved one can benefit from the care of our highly trained home health aides. We look forward to hearing from you.