Older, Independent and Living at Home

Home is the place most comfortable for most of us. It is where we can relax, pursue our favorite interests, find security and center our universe. As we age, many of the things we used to do are limited by the changes we go through physically, and often mentally. Living at home is more difficult as tasks that were simple become a bit more complicated.

Aging is part of life and most of us see our grandparents and then our parents need the care for seniors recommended by our doctors. Not all senior home care in St. Paul and the Metro area is restricted to nursing home care. Many older adults are comfortable staying in their own home rather than moving into a long-term care facility. Home care vs. nursing home care has its pros and cons, but there can be many benefits of home care for seniors. Much information is available from national resources and from local sources.

For folks that need either minor assistance or more significant assistance with daily activities, senior home care in the St. Paul and the Metro area may be the right choice. It is good to remain open to the idea of having others help in addition to having support from the family. While strangers in your home may not be appealing to most, qualified caregivers can provide the benefits of home care without a nursing home. The cost is similar to that of assisted living or a nursing home.

Care giving has special demands- it can be physically and emotionally exhausting, and the burden tends to fall on one or two people. Most family relationships will be healthier with some outside help. It is recommended that you review your options before you make a decision to move your family member out of his or her home.