A Third Option for Long-Term Care

Are you searching for long-term care options?  Or perhaps you have a loved one who is facing long-term care… According to LongTermCare.gov, “70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives.” If you think the only two options are assisted living and nursing care, think again.  Have you considered the possibility of home care? Yes, home care. While often mistaken as a temporary fix until a permanent solution is in place, home care truly is the third option for long-term care. In fact, for most people, home care is a realistic choice that can introduce the option of remaining at home indefinitely. Read on to learn more…

The Cost of Home Care

One of the most popular reasons for avoiding home care is the cost. Time and time again, people assume that the home care option is way too expensive and far from practical for a long-term solution. However, did you know that the cost of home care provided by Baywood Home Care is typically similar to or less than that of other home care alternatives? In every case, Baywood services provide unmatched value.

Are you searching for elder care in Minnesota? Baywood home care fees generally result in costs that are comparable to those of assisted living or nursing homes. And Long Term Care Insurance can be used to pay for home care. Therefore, while individual cases may vary, many people have the option of making a decision based on what they WANT when it comes to long-term care. And remaining at home may very well be the best choice.

Quality Home Care

But home care doesn’t provide the same quality or scope of services as assisted living or nursing care, does it? Think again. In fact, Baywood home health aides provide equivalent, if not superior, elder care in MN. They have the same training and capabilities as the home health aides in assisted living and the nursing assistants in nursing homes.

Baywood Home Care is able to customize service for each client, designing a care plan that best meets his or her needs. Registered Nurse Care Mangers ensure that home care works for each client. Not to mention, clients receive one-on-one attention from caregivers—and not just any caregivers. Baywood takes the time to match clients with compatible caregivers, with success nearly all of the time. If a client is unhappy with a caregiver, a change is always made.

While home care is a great option for long-term care, remember the importance of planning ahead when possible. In fact, according to LongTermCare.gov, “planning ahead may help increase the duration and scope of care that you can safely receive at home.” Not to mention, the best time to start planning your long-term care strategy is now. There’s no time like the present. There are many different factors to ponder, including considering how to cover the costs involved. Are you searching for home care in Minnesota? Contact Baywood today for more information about home care as a long-term care option for you or your loved one.