Protecting Your Loved Ones with Minnesota Home Care

The Star Tribune published a new story on how a number of Minnesota families had filed lawsuits against nursing homes that had mistreated their loved ones, only to have the cases dropped due to something called the Minnesota Survival Law.

The Minnesota Survival Law

The Minnesota Survival Law states that any personal injury case will be dropped should the victim pass away, and this law was made apparent to a group of Minnesota families who in 2008 filed lawsuits against nursing assistants employed at a nursing home that abused, humiliated, and neglected seniors placed under their care. Although some of the nurse aides admitted to the charges brought forward by the families, eventually all of these lawsuits would be dismissed by late 2011 due to the victims passing away. Consequently, the families of the victims never reached a favorable conclusion.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

Unless there are changes to the survival law, the best defense against such a traumatic experience is to exercise extreme care if you decide to move your family member to a nursing home.  Better yet, you can choose senior home care.  Minnesota home care is an excellent alternative to being in a nursing home.  Of course it is important to use only the best in home care providers who hire certified, experienced, and compassionate caregivers.

For example, at Baywood Home Care we conduct thorough background checks of all potential caregivers, including criminal and driving records, employment references, and much more. By hiring only the highest quality in home care givers, Baywood is able to confidently guarantee quality care for families in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

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