Receiving Live-In 24-Hour Care

If you or a loved one is in need of senior care, it can be difficult to know which option is best, especially if a health condition is limiting an individual’s ability to keep up with the tasks of daily life. There are clear advantages to remaining at home with the help of a home care provider, such as privacy, one-on-one attention and the comfort of being surrounded by familiar people and items. However, you may wonder if receiving care at home is a realistic, cost-effective option, especially since nursing homes can provide 24-hour care and monitoring. What you might not realize is that cost-effective home care can be provided on a 24-hour schedule as well. It’s called live-in 24-hour care, and today we focus on its benefits…

Live-In 24-Hour Care Can Be Cost Effective

Believe it or not, although individual scenarios may vary, the cost of live-in 24-hour care can be comparable to nursing care in many cases. Another factor that determines the cost is the home care provider you choose. Some agencies only provide 24-hour home care by charging for hourly shifts, which is more than twice as expensive as true live-in care. However, true live-in care makes 24-hour care affordable. What does this look like?

For starters, caregivers sleep at the client’s home, making it possible for them to provide care for 24 hours a day. There may be two regular caregivers who get to know the client well. These home health aides may alternate on a schedule, for example, switching off from week to week. Are you searching for elder care in Minnesota in the form of live-in 24-hour care? Did you know that Baywood Home care is the ONLY company in southern Minnesota that provides true live-in care, making 24-hour care affordable so individuals can remain at home indefinitely?

Home Care vs. Nursing Care

You may also be wondering how home care compares to nursing care in terms of the quality of services provided. Are you aware that in both situations, caregivers receive the same level of training (nursing assistant training)? In each case, caregivers are supervised by R.N.s, and services such as tube feeding and catheter care are provided in both settings. In addition, Medicare-covered physical therapy is available in both settings. Imagine receiving exceptional, cost-effective care from the comfort of home. Are you in search of home health care in Minnesota, such as 24-hour care in Minneapolis, MN? Contact Baywood today and discover the benefits of true live-in 24-hour care.