Receiving Nursing Home-Level Care at Home

When it becomes clear that a loved one requires extensive care, people are often quick to assume that a move to the nursing home is the only option. After all, if 24-hour care is needed, isn’t facility living the best solution? Believe it or not, it is possible for many people to receive the necessary care at home, and to remain at home indefinitely. Today we explore the possibilities that “live-in” care provides…

What Is Live-In Care?

To put it simply, “live-in” 24-hour home care is round-the-clock, in-home care for people who otherwise would have to live in a nursing home. Agencies like Baywood Home Care regularly provide live-in care, enabling seniors to remain in a comforting and familiar setting. In fact, for those looking for 24-hour care in Minneapolis, MN, Baywood provides flexible options for home health care in Minneapolis, the St. Paul metro area, and all of southern Minnesota.

What makes 24-hour care at home possible? For one thing, caregivers sleep at the client’s home so they are available to provide care during the nighttime hours. Often there are two regular caregivers who alternate on a schedule, for example, switching from week to week. A small number of caregivers also ensures consistency and makes it possible for those receiving care to become comfortable with the individuals assisting them.

But what about the fact that certified nursing assistants (CNAs) at nursing homes have nursing assistant training and are supervised by R.N.s? Did you know that home health aides have the same training and supervision?! And what about the fact that home care can provide people with advanced assistance through mechanical lifts, catheter care and tube feeding? This type of assistance can also be done in a home setting! Also, Medicare-covered physical therapy is also available at home. Although individual cases may vary, the cost of home  care can be similar to the cost of nursing home care, making home care a realistic option for seniors.

The Benefits of Live-In Care

While the comforting benefits of remaining at home may seem obvious, let’s take a look at why home care can be the perfect option for so many… For starters, live-in care allows people to live in their own homes, use their own dishes, eat the food they like, enjoy the view of their own backyards, benefit from the company of a spouse, experience joy from  pets, and receive guests at home. Yes, there truly is comfort in the familiar.

In addition, live-in care provides the perk of privacy, which is often a challenge to maintain in a facility environment. For those experiencing memory loss, remaining at home is often better for a variety of reasons, including the power of the familiar. Not to mention, a home care arrangement allows for more personal attention from the supervising R.N. Care Manager.

While the benefits of 24-hour care are clear, finding the right home care provider can be a challenge. Baywood can help. If you’re searching for elder care in MN, such as Fairmont home care or live-in care in Minneapolis, contact Baywood today. We look forward to hearing from you.