Remaining at Home Can Be a Reality

A recent Gizmag article reveals that researchers from the Munich University of Technology (TUM) have made great strides in simplifying life for elderly individuals wishing to remain at home.  In fact, these researchers from the Human Ambient Technologies Lab at TUM have created a “wonderwall” that assists the elderly with a range of everyday tasks, from locating misplaced keys to monitoring blood sugar levels. An indoor positioning system that keeps tabs on out-of-place items, and biosensors that can keep track of vital signs such as blood pressure are two key features of the high-tech wall.

While this “wonderwall” is built for the entrance hall of the home, the researchers plan on completing similar models for rooms such as the kitchen and the living area. This state-of-the-art system built around a tablet computer is a helpful innovation that individuals may be able to utilize at some point in time, but remaining at home doesn’t have to be a dream for the future. In fact, thanks to innovation in home health care, the elderly can live at home indefinitely. In other words, home care for seniors is a current reality.

It all starts with finding exceptional home health care. A highly-rated company with consistent caregivers, guaranteed staffing and excellent care management is essential. In fact, finding freedom through home health care involves partnering with a provider that offers clients and their families the flexibility to design a custom home health care plan. Clients and their families should have the opportunity to pay only for the services they truly need. An exceptional home health care provider will also offer a range of comprehensive services, from health care and personal care to household chores, transportation and companionship.

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