Senior Home Safety – In the News

In this news clip featuring senior home safety, Julie Albrecht, R.N., with Baywood Home Care in Minneapolis and Sherburn, MN, explains that by being proactive, it is possible to care for seniors in their own homes or in their children’s homes, and it is affordable. She discusses the top areas to emphasize safety in the home that viewers need to know to make life easy while caring for parents, as well as helpful and affordable options for in-home assistance with flexible hours or long-term, 24-hour care.

Allowing elders to stay in their own homes helps the aging process to be as smooth as possible. Baywood Home Care has R.N.s and home health aides with much experience in senior home safety, allowing for the freedom and ease to live at home. Contact Baywood today to find out how we can best help you or someone you care about stay safe and comfortable at home.