September Is Healthy Aging® Month

There are many benefits to growing older, yet why is it that we often focus on potential difficulties associated with aging, as well as stereotypes? Even those currently battling health issues can take advantage of the well-earned perks that come with aging. It’s a privilege to get older, and with age comes wisdom, confidence and self-awareness. These qualities are worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what Healthy Aging® Month is all about!

As reinforced by national health initiative Healthy Aging®, the main objective of this special month “is to encourage local level Healthy Aging® events that promote taking personal responsibility for one’s health… be it physically, socially, mentally or financially.” In fact, a recent news release highlights 10 tips for September is Healthy Aging® Month. Today we share three of them with you and discuss how Baywood Home Care, the premier provider of senior home care in MN, can help you and your loved ones celebrate the benefits of aging.


One of our favorite Healthy Aging® tips: Learn to paint a landscape or still life. We think this suggestion can be broadened to include a range of creative endeavors. Creativity makes us feel more alive. It gives us a sense of purpose, activates the mind and engages the spirit. Painting is an amazing way to connect with your creative side, as is writing, gardening and enjoying interior design. Choose an activity that is not physically taxing. Remember—this is supposed to be energizing, not draining!

Eating fresh foods is another way to enjoy a positive, healthy lifestyle. Fall is a time when we focus on fresh produce and the harvest. Skip processed food and make a commitment to eat more fruits and veggies. Take a trip to the local farmers’ market or your neighborhood grocery store. Be inspired by the sights and smells of the fresh food around you, and let them inspire your food choices.

Head back to school. September is a month filled with back-to-school festivities. Why not make a new start of your own and become an expert in an area of your choice? If auditing a class at the local university or enrolling in an online course is not possible at this time, try learning about something you’ve always wanted to pursue. Your many resources may include books, websites, documentary films and television programs focused on your new passion.


Whether you’re helping to care for a loved one or you are an individual in need of home care, Baywood takes pride in empowering our clients to live where and how they want to live. We celebrate you as you become the best version of yourself this September!

Are you searching for home care in MN, such as Minneapolis live-in home care? Baywood can help. We offer a wide variety of services that support our clients on their path to enjoying a full, happy life. For example, our caregivers transport clients so they can attend appointments and events, such as doctor visits, family gatherings and book club meetings. We run errands to places such as the grocery store, and we can prepare meals to support clients’ nutritional needs. Contact Baywood today to learn about the many ways we serve our clients by offering in-home care in MN.