No Service Is Too Small

Your loved one has gotten to the point at which he or she is unable to live at home independently. Perhaps certain tasks such as household chores have become too difficult to handle. Maybe transportation is now an issue, and it’s getting hard for your family member to stay active in the community and visit with friends on the level that he or she once enjoyed. Is it time for assisted living? Perhaps not.

In fact, for many people, home care is a realistic alternative to moving to assisted living. But don’t you have to purchase a range of services in a package deal when it comes to home care? Is it possible to only request the services you truly need? As it turns out, home care can provide a level of care that rivals the level of service offered by assisted living facilities. And many home care agencies can customize a schedule to truly fit the client’s needs in a way that is most effective and helpful.

Are you looking for home health care in Minnesota? Be aware that there are certain advantages that home care has when compared to assisted living. For one thing, when clients are allowed to remain in their homes, they are able to maintain a level of privacy that is not possible in facility living. Not to mention, at home, clients are able to live exactly how they want, eating food they enjoy, surrounded by their own belongings. There is true comfort in familiarity, and for some patients with memory issues, remaining at home can actually be a better choice.

Not to mention, when seniors are allowed to remain at home, they are able to enjoy a quality of life that can be difficult to achieve in an assisted living or nursing care facility. For one thing, rather than having to make new friends in a new environment, clients can continue to receive their own friends at home. In addition, there is more one-on-one attention from caregivers and the client’s R.N. Care Manager when a home setting is involved.

Are you searching for senior home care in Minneapolis, St. Paul or other areas of southern Minnesota? Baywood provides flexible hourly assistance on any schedule that the client or the client’s family wants. Do you need assistance only in the morning hours, or do you have a loved one who only requires overnight care? No problem. At Baywood, the schedule is customized for the client based on his or her needs and desires.

Our elder care in Minneapolis includes a range of hourly services, with care supervised by Registered Nurses. From preparing meals and running errands to providing companionship and offering transportation, no service is too small. Contact us today and discover the Baywood difference.