Signs That Your Aging Parents May Need Assistance

You are visiting your parents for the weekend, and you can’t help but notice that things at home are not what they used to be. Dirty dishes fill the sink. The trash hasn’t been emptied in two weeks. Piles of dirty laundry overwhelm the closet. Several newspapers have collected on the front porch. It’s undeniably evident that help is needed.

Let’s face it—not all situations are this clear cut. Today we explore some of the warning signs that can help clarify an aging parent’s need for help. As it turns out, sometimes keen observation is in order, as well as open communication.

Warning Signs

A recent Family Education article highlights some key warning signs that may alert you to the fact that help is needed. Obvious signs such as an unsafe home environment or a clear request for help from one parent on behalf of the other are important hints. However, much of the time the signs are more subtle. For example, you may notice that one parent is exhausted from sitting up all night to care for the other parent. Or maybe you slowly realize that the care and assistance you offer your parents is no longer enough to meet their needs.

Other warning signs include fatigue, confusion, poor appetite and difficulty handling day-to-day responsibilities. Once you’ve identified the need for help, a plan of action is in order.

The Benefits of Home Care

When you approach your parents about the need for outside care, it’s important to realize that it may be all too easy for them to immediately feel defensive. It is overwhelming when one’s independence is questioned. Handle the topic with sensitivity and concern, and involve your parents in the conversation, truly listening to their input.

One way to honor a parent’s independence while providing necessary assistance is through home health care. After all, with home care, parents can receive the help they need while remaining in the comfort of their home, surrounded by the things that bring them joy. Are you searching for home care in MN? Baywood Home Care can help. We are experts in caring for aging parents, and our goal is to help clients live where and how they want to live.

We offer a variety of services, making it possible for us to provide the exact level of care that is needed. From administering medication to transporting clients to and from appointments, no service is too small. Whether you are searching for hourly home senior care in Minneapolis or Minneapolis 24-hour home care, we’ve got you covered. Contact Baywood today to find out how we can help.