Unmatched Private Home Care

Private home care. Baywood Home Care: Senior In-Home Healthcare Provider.There are many ways in which Baywood is clearly a “cut above” other companies that offer private home care services:

  1. Baywood nurses provide a degree of highly personalized,  dedicated,  care management that is unmatched.  We are told this by professionals that refer to us, as well as by families that we work with.

2. R.N. Care Management is included with home care services.

3. Unlike many companies,  Baywood is 100%  focused on private home care—our attention is not diverted by other business activities.

4. Baywood has far more years of experience than most other companies offering private home care in Minnesota. Our many years of experience mean better care for our clients and their families.

5. Baywood is not a franchise, but rather, a Minnesota-based, 100% Minnesota-owned, company.

6. Baywood has higher standards for caregiver hiring than are typical.

7. Baywood has an R.N. on call—in person—24 hours a day.

8. Baywood has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

9. Baywood provides guaranteed staffing through an extensive caregiver backup system.  The company guarantees that there will always be a caregiver for every scheduled shift.

10. Baywood provides unmatched consistency of caregivers.  We are told this by families that have experience with other companies.

Baywood’s success in providing a good home care experience for clients and families is unmatched. You should think about giving serious consideration to Home Care by Baywood.
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