Baywood Caregivers: Senior In-Home Healthcare ProviderOur caregivers all have nursing assistant/home health aide training, as well as prior nursing assistant work experience. They all are experienced  in providing a broad range of care, including  Med administration, use of mechanical lifts, assistance with transfers, all personal care, tube feeding, etc.

Higher Standards

Baywood caregivers (home health aides) meet a higher standard than is typical in other organizations.  High standards for skills and knowledge eliminate all but the best candidates. Baywood hires only the best nursing assistants and home health aides to provide home care in Minnesota.

Background checks

Baywood Home Care conducts extensive checks of caregivers, including checks of previous employment references, driving records, and both Minnesota and national misdemeanor and criminal records.

Level of Care

Home health aides provide the same types of care as are provided in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. They have the same training and capabilities as the home health aides in assisted living and the nursing assistants in nursing homes. Baywood home health care in Minnesota provides equivalent care at home.

Match With Client

Great effort is made to match clients with compatible caregivers, with success nearly all of the time!  If a client is unhappy with a caregiver, a change is always made.

Consistent Caregivers

Baywood home care in MN provides superior consistency of caregivers.  Baywood works hard to provide consistent caregivers, so clients get to know familiar people that they like.  Clients that have previously used other agencies tell us that the consistency we provide is FAR superior to that provided by other companies.

Guaranteed Staffing

Baywood has an extensive backup on-call system to ensure that clients always receive service, even if the regular home health aide is sick, has car trouble, or for some other reason cannot serve their client that day.  Whether the client lives in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area, or in rural southern MN, the client will always receive service!

Our caregivers will provide exceptional care for you, or for your family member.  The experience will be different from that in a facility, or with other home care companies.

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