The At-Home Care Community is Growing

Back when we started Baywood Home Care, we always believed that at-home care was something that was the perfect balance for most seniors. Over the years, we have seen the at-home care community grow larger across the entire country.

Recent Trends

In this recent article in the Washington Post, we see that the Washington D.C. community is transitioning more and more from nursing homes and towards at-home care. There is a new program in the area called the Nursing Home Transition Program, which was launched earlier last year. The program is helping those who qualify to be moved from their nursing home and into their homes with a variety of care providers.

This is just one of the many examples of the growing trend in the country that shows more elderly seniors choosing to live with at-home care rather than in a nursing home. All across the country, a variety of different states are taking advantage o the fact that the ACA has increased the accessibility of Medicaid benefits for those who are receiving in-home care.

Lower Costs

It is no secret that in-home care is a much more affordable option for both the seniors and the country as a whole. On average, the cost per person for nursing homes are about $75k, while the same cost for in-home care is between $30k-$60k. When you look at these figures over time, the costs of living in-home versus nursing homes become very beneficial.

Living At Home

There have been various surveys regarding the preferences of American seniors and where they prefer to live. Across the different surveys and years, elders have shown that they want to stay in their homes far more than they wish a nursing home. In a letter to the editor of the earlier Washington Post article, a nearby resident remarked that “One seldom hears a person say, ‘I can’t wait to get to that nursing home.’” With at-home care, not only are individuals living in their own home and in their own community, they are receiving personalized care at a price point that works for them.

While the at-home care community is growing across the country, Baywood Home Care has Minnesota covered, having served clients for over ten years.