The Baywood Mission

Home is where the heart is. Home is a place of rest and rejuvenation. For many, the transition of moving away from a place of comfort at a time of difficulty can be very stressful. What if a senior in need of health care could choose to live at home indefinitely, without ever having to move? Are you searching for Minnesota senior care, such as Fairmont home care or Minneapolis elder care? At Baywood Home Care, our mission is to enable seniors to live where, and how, they want to live. Just how do we make our mission a reality? Today we highlight a few of the ways Baywood works to enable clients to continue living in their homes.

Bringing Quality Care Home

At a certain point, doesn’t an individual have to move out of the home in order to receive top notch health care? Think again. Baywood offers a level of care that is unsurpassed. Our home health aides have the same training and capabilities as the home health aides in assisted living and the nursing assistants in nursing homes. Baywood Home Care in Minnesota provides equivalent care at home. Not to mention, we hire only most experienced home health aides, and we provide consistency of caregivers, as well as guaranteed staffing. It’s a level of quality that makes a difference. It’s a level of care that makes remaining at home a reality.

Keeping Up with the House

We all know how much work goes into maintaining a home. There are chores to do, from laundry to housecleaning. These tasks require energy, but not everyone maintains a consistent level of energy all of the time, especially when a health condition begins to affect a person’s strength. When a loved one can no longer keep up with the duties of home, is a move inevitable? Not necessarily. Not only do the highly trained home health aides at Baywood Home Care provide exceptional elder care in Minnesota, they can perform tasks such as doing laundry, as well as daily housekeeping and cleaning.

Getting You Where You Need to Be

If home is taken care of, there’s still the matter of getting to and from the house. If a person can’t transport himself to and from appointments or run errands, is remaining at home possible? Absolutely. Baywood home health aides offer a range of services, such as running errands for clients, as well as driving them to destinations like the grocery store, worship services and the doctor. Not to mention, Baywood caregivers enable clients to do what they want to do, whether it is going to a bridge group, meeting a friend for a meal or attending a family gathering. It’s this commitment to helping clients maintain a full life that makes Baywood a true standout.

Are you searching for senior home care in MN? Contact Baywood today and discover the many ways that we make it possible for our clients to enjoy life from the comfort of home.