The Benefits of Agency Home Care

Are you searching for premium home care? If you or a loved one needs assistance at home, you may be wondering how to find the highest quality care available. Should you hire an independent home health aide or should you go with an agency? In a recent Market Watch article, Kristen Gerencher sheds some light on this issue by consulting with Ethan Kassel, a geriatric care manager and co-owner of Garden State Eldercare, a home health agency located in South Orange, N.J.

Kassel points out the undeniable benefits of working with a home care agency, such as the responsibility the agency takes in screening its home health aides, which can involve running criminal background checks and conducting driving record checks. Not to mention, agencies take care of duties such as paying their aides wages, taxes and insurance, which can come in handy in the event of circumstances such as injury on the job. When families hire home health aides’ on their own, they must be diligent about matters such as following federal and state employment laws, as well as administering overtime pay when necessary. This type of paperwork can take away from the quality time you spend with a loved one—the time you hoped you’d be saving by hiring a home health care professional in the first place.

While family members may argue that they can find a compatible caregiver for a loved one just as easily as an agency can match a compatible home health aide to a client, there’s always the issue of consistent care. What if a caregiver is sick? Most reputable home health agencies provide back-up care, ensuring that there is no lapse in service should a home health aide fall ill or go on vacation. Arranging this level of consistent care can be quite time consuming if family members try to do it on their own, and there are no guarantees that caregivers will be reliable when you need them most. With agency care, your bases are covered.

Are you searching for home health care in Minnesota? Let Baywood Home Care provide you or your loved one with an unsurpassed level of care. In addition to our extensive staff of home health aides, we have six Registered Nurses on staff, all of them highly experienced. These R.N.s are care managers who oversee the care of our clients, ensuring that their needs are met and that they receive excellent service. Not only do they manage care, they take care of tasks such as arranging doctor appointments, participating in family meetings, and ordering home medical equipment.

Our senior care in MN is provided by only the most qualified of caregivers, all of whom undergo detailed background checks. These caregivers all have previous home care, nursing home or hospital experience. They are great listeners and communicators. They are genuinely nice people who really care. And they are carefully matched to compatible clients. Discover the perks of guaranteed staffing, consistent caregivers and exceptional service when you work with Baywood Home Care to provide Minnesota senior care for your loved one.