An Easier Approach to In-Home Care

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When it comes to seniors being able to choose to stay in their homes instead of moving into a nursing home or assisted living, sometimes the situation just requires a little creativity. It also helps to have the expertise of an agency such as Baywood Home Care, whose well-trained and experienced staff knows the right strategies for maximizing both comfort and safety.

Interviewed for a recent Sentinel Online article, Baywood Home Care Registered Nurse Care Manager Jackie Eisenmenger and Registered Nurse Tosha Grossman were happy to share many of their time-tested ideas that are helping seniors stay in the homes where they’ve made years of happy memories.

Have stairs become an issue? Consider moving your master bedroom to the main level. In the kitchen, start keeping frequently used items on the counter so they are within reach. And remember to plug in motion-sensitive night lights to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Not sure where to start? Baywood’s caregivers walk through all new clients’ homes, assessing each room to ensure it’s well suited for someone receiving in-home care. There might be some redecorating involved. “One of the biggest risks to the elderly are throw rugs.” Grossman said.

Other safety tactics include replacing towel bars with sturdier grab bars, and providing shower chairs. Baywood’s home-health care  professionals also remember the little (but very important) details such as checking the pantry for expired foods, since those dates can be hard for seniors to read.

Baywood’s approach to in-home care helps to preserve a person’s privacy and their way of life. It allows them to continue sharing their lives with old friends, instead of having to make new ones. For about the same cost as an assisted living facility, Baywood Home Care provides flexible hourly assistance on any schedule that the client or the client’s family wants. Visits can be as short as one hour once a week, or several hours a day every day, or anything in-between.  Morning and evening assistance, or overnight care, can also be provided.

This article, featured in the Fairmont, Minnesota Sentinel Weekend Edition, was also published in the Sentinel Online, which can be viewed here: Assistance may mean adjustments.

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