Frequently Asked Questions – Baywood Home Care

Baywood Home Care FAQ

Q Does home care cost more than Assisted Living or a nursing home?
A No, though individual cases vary, on average the cost is about the same.

Q Does Medicare pay for these services?
A No, Medicare does not pay for assistance with daily living. Medicare only pays for home care services that involve a skilled need (Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, etc.).

Q Do you administer medications, do transfers, and assist with incontinence?
A Yes, absolutely!

Q Can people who need nursing home care really live at home?
A Most of the time, absolutely yes! There are sometimes exceptions, however.

Q Don’t people have a better social life in assisted living vs being at home?
A It depends on the person. People who like and enjoy organized group activities may prefer assisted living. But many people prefer to live at home, and entertain friends and family at home, have the neighbors stop in, go to their regular bridge group, etc.

Q What about pets?
A People living at home can enjoy their pets, and even have help taking care of them.

Q Doesn’t 24 hour care involve a lot of shifts, with different caregivers?
A No! Baywood does 24 hour care the way it should be done, with regular (usually two) caregivers, each of whom stays for several days at a time. The caregivers alternate on a schedule, and sleep at the client’s home, and are there 24 hours a day.

Q What about the risk of having strangers in one’s home?
A Caregivers are extensively screened, with a written test, driving record check. Minnesota background check, national background check of all places the person has lived, and reference checks. Any issues are extremely rare.

Q How is Baywood different? Aren’t all agencies the same?
A No, they are not all the same. Baywood has stricter caregiver screening. Baywood specializes in nursing home level care. Baywood is a Minnesota-based local company—not a franchise. Baywood is 100% focused on home care. Baywood focuses on client and family happiness—not just on completing tasks.

Q What about consistency of caregivers? This is important…
A Baywood gives a very high priority to providing consistency of caregivers, and has an excellent record of delivering exceptional consistency, compared to other companies.

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