Home Care Benefits Clients with Chronic Conditions

According to a January 2013 article in Caring magazine, the magazine of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, “More than 25 percent of Americans now have two or more chronic conditions that require ongoing medical care and make it hard for them to have independent lives.” Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and dementia can take their toll on individuals who wish to remain at home, yet home health care is a viable option for clients who are seeking greater independence in a home setting.

How does home care assist clients with chronic conditions? For one thing, registered nurses can ensure that clients are receiving the proper doses of medication and help educate them on how and when to take their meds. Caregivers can also administer medication to clients who are unable to oversee their own doses. In addition, under the supervision of registered nurses, caregivers can help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows them to manage their chronic illness.

Many chronic conditions make it difficult for people to do the things they once enjoyed, such as attending weekly meetings or gatherings with friends. The ability to run errands and complete tasks at home can also be compromised by a chronic illness. If you think that nursing home care is the only option for you or your loved one, think again. Nowadays, home health care allows many individuals to remain at home, maintaining their freedom and independence.

Are you searching for home health care in Minnesota? Is a loved one fighting a chronic condition such as memory loss or osteoporosis? A condition that makes it difficult to keep up with life’s daily tasks? Baywood Home Care provides exceptional senior care in Minnesota, serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, as well as much of south central and southwestern Minnesota. Our extensive services range from hourly assistance to 24-hour care and overnight care.

Whether clients are in need of memory care, live-in care, or assistance a few hours a week, Baywood can help. Our highly experienced Registered Nurses serve as care managers for our clients, using their expertise to supervise caregivers, arrange doctor appointments and therapies, and more. Not to mention, our caregivers assist clients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by administering medication, preparing meals, and providing companionship and safety. By running errands and transporting clients to their destinations, they enable clients to live the full, active lives they deserve. Contact Baywood today for more information on our exceptional home health care services.