Home Care, a Career Focused on People

Dorothy Muffett appeared as a special guest on the KYCR-AM Minneapolis Business Forum Show. In an interview with hosts Kevin Hunter and David Ford, she shares about her business background, and her journey as the founder and owner of Baywood Home Care. “We provide an alternative to moving to assisted living or a care center for mostly seniors who want to continue living at home … We help people live wherever they would like to.”

Taking listeners back to Baywood’s beginning, Muffett gives an inside story of its more than 13-year history, and what led her to transition from her corporate career to start Baywood Home Care. She shares her business history working with General Mills, developing new food products and processes. There came a point at which she realized she wanted her career to be more focused on people. This ultimately led her to start a home care company that helps seniors continue living at home, which she named Baywood Home Care.

Muffett gives a glimpse into business at General Mills, sharing the fact that there is a large ongoing effort within the corporation to gain consumer insights. She stresses the importance of this process to understanding and predicting what consumers really want for the future.

“They need to understand consumers’ motivations to make the decisions that they do.” These insights are an important facet of the business she now runs. Recognizing and fulfilling the needs and aspirations of clients and their families is top priority for Baywood. The staff focuses on the experience, not simply completing tasks.

Home care in general was in its beginning stages when Baywood was founded. There are various options available to seniors and their families to provide the best and most convenient care for each unique circumstance. Baywood’s 24/7 and hourly options include medication administration, transfer assistance, bathing, preparing meals, running errands, transportation and providing social companionship. Baywood staff members have witnessed many situations in which seniors who have moved home from the nursing home are both healthier and happier. Muffett shares, “We can enable people to stay living wherever they want to live … We literally enable them to live their lives.”

KYCR-AM Minneapolis, MN Business Forum Show Part I