Home Care for the Holidays

The holidays are a festive, magical time. Yet when a loved one is receiving care at home, he or she may find this time of the year to be challenging. Older adults struggling with health issues may feel gloomy during the winter months, and the holidays may be a reminder that the festive mood surrounding them doesn’t quite match how they feel on the inside, especially if they are also dealing with the loss of a spouse.

It’s a true comfort when you know your loved one is receiving excellent care at home, such as the exceptional home care in MN provided by Baywood Home Care. We at Baywood are here for you and your family during the holidays. While we will go above and beyond to do our part, today we share a few things you can do to help your loved one have a happy holiday season. Read on for more details…

Enjoy Some Holiday Cheer with Your Loved One

We know how busy the holidays can be, even when everything in life is running smoothly. But when you are helping to look in on a family member who is receiving care at home, it can be tricky to juggle these visits with the extra responsibilities the holidays bring. If possible, try and keep to your regular visiting schedule. Sticking to a routine can be a big comfort to your loved one, who will likely need a bit of reassurance during this emotional time of the year.

With that said, it’s the quality of the time you spend together rather than the quantity of time that truly matters. Whatever time you are able to share with your loved one, try adding some holiday festivity to the mix. Whether you decorate the tree or enjoy a cheerful movie at home on a chilly afternoon, purposeful activities that make new traditions are a positive way to bring the holiday spirit home.

Communicate and Be Vigilant

While it may at times be difficult to spot signs of depression in the elderly, being on the lookout for warning signals can be helpful during the holidays. As noted by The New York Times, symptoms of depression in the elderly include a loss of appetite, an increase in confusion or forgetfulness, a decrease in personal grooming habits, and withdrawal from others.

Rest assured that your Baywood caregivers will be on the lookout for these symptoms as well, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you notice any of these signs or behaviors. In fact, keeping in touch with your Baywood family is particularly helpful during the holidays. Let us know if there will be a change in your loved one’s schedule that requires more or less care. We offer a wide range of services involving in-home care in MN, including 24-hour home care in Minneapolis. Also feel free to let us know if your loved one has additional needs during this time of the year. More than simply providing home care for the holidays, we care about you and your family, and we are here to help make this holiday a festive, joyful one for all!