How Home Care Can Help You Save Money

Let’s face it—most people prefer to age at home rather than be admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Home care has undeniable advantages, including the fact that it offers the chance to be surrounded by familiar people, pets and items. This familiarity can be particularly beneficial to patients in need of memory care.

People often assume that they can’t afford home care, but in many cases, the cost of home care is similar to or less than alternatives such as assisted living or nursing care. Yet there are other costs to consider, including the financial loss that many caregivers experience when they cut back on work to care for a beloved family member rather than pay for outside care. Today we explore how home care can help you save money.

Costs to Consider

At face value, caring for a family member seems less expensive than paying for nursing care, assisted living, or even home care. Yet there are other costs to consider. For example, as pointed out in an August 2013 New York Times article, some family caregivers leave their jobs when the demands of juggling work, caregiving and other responsibilities become too great. The loss of short-term wages can be a problem, but there’s also the loss of Social Security and pension benefits to consider. The article also cites a recent Pew Research Center survey, which found that nearly 40% of American adults are caring for an adult or child with significant health issues.

Caring for a loved one such as an aging parent is a beautiful gift, and if manageable, it can be quite rewarding. But when the strain of juggling life’s commitments becomes too great, or when financial losses associated with taking time off from work are a concern, seeking outside help may be a necessity.

How Home Care Can Help Save Money

Some people assume that home care is an all-or-nothing option. “Either I’m the caregiver or I line up full-time care.” Yet it’s rarely an either/or dilemma. Many home care agencies offer the option of hourly care, which can be a great help to an individual who wants to care for a loved one as much as possible, yet supplement that care as needed. Rather than cutting back on work hours or running oneself ragged, a family member can offer some care, yet benefit from the expertise of a first-rate home care provider. This option may easily be more cost effective than placing a loved one in nursing care or quitting one’s job to be the primary caretaker.

The key is finding an arrangement that works for you. Whatever you decide, Baywood Home Care can help. Baywood serves the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, as well as much of south central and southwestern Minnesota. Not only do we offer services such as 24-hour home care in Minneapolis, we provide hourly care as needed, allowing clients and their families to customize a schedule that best meets their needs. Are you searching for home care in MN? Contact Baywood today to see how we can provide a cost-effective solution for you and your loved one.