An Hourly Home Health Care Option

When it comes to home care, finding an agency that allows you to design your own schedule is no easy task. After much thought and consideration, you’ve arrived at a decision to keep a loved one in the comfort of home. However, if you are forced to pay for preset packages of time, you may quickly find that you are spending money on services that you do not truly need.

As mentioned in a recent New York Times blog post by Paula Span, “The majority of agencies require a four-hour minimum. Having to spend $80…if you only need $40 worth of help is a big barrier for families trying to keep their elderly relatives living at home longer. A few agencies allow you to hire for fewer than four hours, but at higher rates.”

How do you find a trusted provider that offers hourly home care at the times you need it most? The answer is flexibility. If a home health care provider is only willing to offer services in packages—such as preset blocks of time—you end up sacrificing money and convenience.  Why not maximize time and money by selecting a home care provider that offers a flexibility of scheduling that truly meets clients’ needs?

Are you searching for Minnesota senior care? Baywood offers home care for seniors in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, and much of south central and southwestern Minnesota. Baywood Home Care’s quality of service sets it apart from other providers, and a key component of this quality is flexible hourly assistance on the schedule that the client or the client’s family chooses. In fact, this schedule is completely tailored to the client’s needs and desires. Visits can be as short as one hour once a week, several hours a day every day, or anything in-between.

Whether you are in search of morning assistance, evening assistance, or even overnight care, Baywood has you covered. From running errands to providing personal care and administering medications, our services are comprehensive and varied to best serve our clients. If you are looking for hourly home health care in Minnesota that represents individualized attention at its finest, consider the exceptional service provided by Baywood.