The Importance of Self Care When Caring for Others

If you live in the same city as an aging loved one, you may be caring for that individual in your spare time. Whether you help coordinate quality home health care or you run errands for your loved one, the time and energy you spend helping to meet his or her needs requires your energy and dedication. You may be juggling the responsibilities of work and caring for your own children in addition to assisting your loved one. But who is caring for you at this busy time?

It’s easy to forget to recharge in the middle of life’s transitions, but when you take time for yourself, you end up being a better parent, employee and caregiver, as well as a more fulfilled human being. Today we explore a few simple ways that you can replenish your energy supply in the midst of caring for others.


Let’s start with the basics. These pointers may seem obvious, but so often we let areas such as sleep and a healthy diet fall by the wayside when we feel thinly stretched. Make sure you don’t neglect the basics of healthy living. Get enough rest, eat nourishing food, and exercise regularly. Make an effort to schedule and keep your own appointments, such as trips to the dentist and annual checkups. If you ignore one or more of these areas, you run the risk of becoming exhausted, ill, irritated, or even depressed. And that won’t help your loved one in any way.

If being there for a loved one is interfering with your basic physical and emotional needs, it may be time to explore ways that you can supplement the care you are providing. If you’re searching for senior home care in MN, Baywood can help. Continue reading for more details…


When it comes to self care, there is no one master list of universally helpful tips and pointers. The key is finding the activities that truly rejuvenate you. Heading out to a movie every few weeks just won’t cut it. Make sure you regularly set aside time for yourself. Time in which you are not a caregiver. A long walk, a night relaxing while watching your favorite television shows, a morning in the garden, or a coffee date with a trusted friend can do wonders in replenishing energy and rejuvenating the spirit. If you are dealing with grief or anxiety related to your loved one’s declining health, do not hesitate to see a counselor who can provide support at this stressful time.

Not to mention, if you are a person who enjoys being creative (through activities such as writing, painting, playing a musical instrument, and doing DIY projects), be sure to honor your talents and interests by making time for the activities that feed your artistic side. For additional information on self care, visit the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services—an amazing resource offering helpful pointers and tips.

One of the most important aspects of self care is knowing when you need help keeping up with the demands of life. And that may very well involve the assistance of a home care agency that can supplement the care you give your loved one. Are you searching for home care in MN? Perhaps you are looking for supplementary care a few hours a week, or maybe it’s reached a point where your loved one requires 24-hour home care in Minneapolis, MN. Contact Baywood today to see how we can help.