The Importance of Caregiver Continuity

According to a recent study by SAGE Publications, individuals who have high levels of continuity when it comes to home health care aides have a much greater likelihood of improvement in their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) than those with the lowest levels of continuity. In fact, as highlighted by Home Health Care News, the study revealed that those cared for by the same aide had a 93% chance of improving their ADLs. In addition, even patients with moderate levels of continuity did not experience significant differences in their likelihood of ADL improvement. Consistency is key, and choosing a home care agency committed to providing continuity of care makes all the difference.

Baywood Home Care provides exceptional home care in Minnesota. What makes Baywood excellent? Not only are we committed to enabling seniors to live where, and how, they want to live, we hire only the best and most experienced caregivers. In fact, Baywood home health aides meet a higher standard than is typical in other organizations. Not only do we conduct extensive background checks of all potential caregivers, we ensure that our home health aides provide the same types of care that are provided in both assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

In addition, we match our clients with compatible caregivers, and we achieve success nearly all of the time! What happens if a client is unhappy with a caregiver? A change is made. It’s that simple.

Baywood provides superior consistency of caregivers. This level of consistency means that clients develop a comforting familiarity with caregivers that they like. In fact, our clients who have worked with other agencies tell us that the consistency we provide is far superior to that provided by other companies.

Why is this consistency important? Because as we know, clients who have high levels of continuity when it comes to home health aides have a much greater chance of improvement in their activities of daily living. We want nothing less for our clients. Whether you’re searching for Fairmont home care, live-in care in Minneapolis or home care in Mankato, MN, contact Baywood today to see how caregiver continuity can make all the difference.