The Importance of Quality Memory Care

According to the World Alzheimer Report 2013 titled “Journey of Caring: An analysis of long-term care for dementia,” more than 35 million people worldwide live with dementia. That number is projected to more than triple by 2050. Not to mention, around half of all older people in need of personal care are struggling with dementia.

Those who suffer from dementia face many challenges. As highlighted by a recent Homewatch CareGivers article, older adults with dementia are more likely to fall by up to 60 percent. From experiencing illusions to struggling with a decline in sensory perception, some of the issues facing dementia sufferers make them more likely to stumble.

The article also includes a list of suggested tips for helping to limit fall risks. From clearing walking paths to ensuring there’s plenty of good lighting, there are many things to do when it comes to assisting an individual in need of memory care. But you don’t have to do it all yourself. In today’s post, we take a look at how home care can make a positive difference in the lives of those dealing with memory loss.


While some individuals with advanced memory loss may require a facility setting, most are able to live at home indefinitely with the proper home care. Why is remaining at home the superior option in many cases? For one thing, home is a place of familiarity. Being surrounded by one’s own personal belongings can be a source of comfort and help.

In addition, the one-on-one care provided by a dedicated home health aide certainly beats the option of having one caregiver in charge of several people. After all, with memory loss affecting many facets of a person’s life, such as sensory perception, the importance of an attentive caregiver is undeniable.


If you’re searching for home care in MN, such as Minneapolis live-in home care, Baywood Home Care can help. We offer superior care for clients with memory loss, and a variety of options means you can customize a schedule to best meet the needs of your loved one. From hourly memory care to 24-hour live-in care, we’ve got you covered. Our caregivers ensure client safety, provide companionship, take care of meals and household tasks, run errands with clients as needed, transport clients to appointments, and assist with essential services, such as medication administration and personal care.

Baywood has a long history of experience caring for people with different types of dementia.  Whether the cause of the memory loss is Alzheimer’s or another condition, Baywood can provide excellent care at home.  Each and every one of our caregivers has training and experience in dementia care. Searching for senior home care in MN? Contact Baywood today to see how we can be of assistance.