When a Loved One Resists Care…

You’ve made the decision to utilize the benefits of home care for your loved one. After all, the ability to receive care from home allows your loved one to get the help he or she needs in a place that is comforting and familiar. However, you may be surprised to find that even when home care is chosen over assisted living or nursing care, your family member or beloved friend may still be resistant to the idea of receiving help. This response is not an unusual one, even when your loved one is involved in making the decision to benefit from home care. Remember that a loss of independence in any way, shape or form is a major life transition. Today we take a look at how resistance can eventually lead to acceptance, especially when a quality home care provider is involved.

Understanding Resistance

When it comes to understanding why a loved one may be resisting care, Mayo Clinic offers some helpful words of wisdom. For starters, it is beneficial to ponder the causes of resistance—especially a sense of loss, such as a physical loss, a mental loss or a loss of privacy and independence. Throw in emotions such as frustration over the need for help, a fear of new routines, and concerns about the cost of care, and the atmosphere is ripe for resistance.

It is also helpful to understand that many seniors deal with anxiety as they face major life changes and come to terms with health issues that affect their daily lives on a regular basis. How do you help a loved one work through resistance so that he or she can enjoy a quality life at home? There are many ways to ease the transition from independent living to home care, including preparing your loved one by asking about his or her care needs and preferences, involving him or her in the decision-making process, and making sure that he or she fully understands the changes that are coming. Mayo Clinic offers valuable advice on how to bridge the gap between independent living and home care. Another helpful strategy: choosing a home health care provider you can trust.

Baywood Can Help

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It’s details such as these that put your mind at ease and result in a quality of service that helps foster a smooth transition to home care for your loved one, even a loved one who is resisting care. If you are looking for Minnesota senior care, such as live-in care in Minneapolis or Fairmont home care, contact Baywood Home Care today. Discover The Baywood Difference.