Making the home care decision: Coping with role reversal

Making the home care decision: Coping with role reversal

It’s often the adult children who come to us seeking home care in Minnesota for an aging parent.

When you are placed in the care giving role for an aging parent, this role reversal commonly comes with feelings of guilt. You will discover that Baywood Home Care’s high standards and personalized service are very reassuring.

The decision to arrange for 24-hour home care in Minnesota for your parent may not be easy. We can help you assess your unique situation from all angles. Some things to consider include: Do you have time to adequately care for your parent’s needs? Can you ensure that your parent’s home continues to be a safe living environment? Can you assist with any cognitive or physical issues your parent may have?

Many times, Baywood’s 24-hour home care services are as good or better than what family can provide. Our personal attention to your parent’s needs will free you to strengthen your relationship with your parent in other ways.

Baywood helps families re-define “caring”
We encourage you to talk with your parent to identify what you can and can’t do for them. When you can’t always be there, or you don’t have the right skills to care for their needs, our 24-hour care at home can often be a wonderful option. A parent can live in their own home, use their own dishes, keep their pets, look at their own backyard, live with their spouse, receive guests in their own home, etc. 

Families who have used Baywood’s home care in Minnesota report that it is a positive experience. They frequently come to think of our dedicated caregivers as part of the family. Knowing that your parent is receiving the best possible professional care, in the comfort of their own home, will help diffuse any feelings of guilt you may have.

Our 16 years of experience and A+ Better Business Bureau rating make Baywood a top choice for families. We invite you to call Baywood to learn more. There is always someone available to talk with you. 

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