Baywood Brings Nursing Home-Level Care to Homes

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“We do a lot of things, but our specialty is nursing home care at home,” shares Baywood Home Care’s founder and president, Dorothy Muffett. There is something about living in one’s own home that provides a sense of security and independence. Baywood Home Care focuses on providing high quality in-home care services, allowing seniors the freedom to stay at home. With personalized senior care service, they make staying at home a positive experience for all involved.

Baywood Home Care had a news feature in the Fairmont, Minnesota Sentinel Weekend Edition entitled “Baywood touts in-home care.”  This article outlines important features to Baywood’s level of “nursing home care at home.” Their in-home care services are cost effective, generally comparable to the cost of a nursing home. An important distinction noted is the difference between Medicare home care versus Baywood’s available long-term home care.

Baywood’s talented and capable staff includes registered nurses and home health aides who provide hourly and 24-hour live-in care. Caregivers perform a wide range of duties, including running errands, bathing and toilet assistance; caring for catheters; administering medication and oxygen; assisting with transfers and other services to improve loved ones’ comfort. The registered nurses manage each client’s initial assessment, and remain involved through medication management, family communication, arranging therapy services and attending doctor’s appointments.

Tasha Grossman, a Registered Nurse Care Manager at Baywood, stresses that it is important to discuss long-term care with loved ones and to ensure that you have a plan in place. For many, the first thing that comes to mind when discussing care options for an elderly parent or grandparent is a nursing home or assisted living facility. The common misconception is that nursing home-level care is only available at a nursing home. However, Baywood provides the opportunity to have a choice in this process, allowing for the option to receive top-level care in the comfort of one’s own home. Muffett states, “We’re anxious to let more people know this is an option.”

With the Twin Cities as its home base, Baywood offers services throughout the Greater Twin Cities and in southern Minnesota. Learn more about their service areas here.

This article was also published in the Sentinel Online, which can be viewed here:  Baywood touts in-home care.

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