Hourly Services Make a Difference

Your work schedule is preventing you from helping your aging mother the way you once did. Your father is in need of home care, but only for a few hours a week. Your uncle is not able to keep up with his home the way he once did. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If you think that assisted living is the only option when independence at home is fading, think again. In fact, many home care providers offer hourly services that enable you to create a schedule that best meets the needs of your family. Are you searching for Minnesota senior care, such as Fairmont home care or Minneapolis elder care? Baywood Home Care in Minnesota can help.

Hourly Services

Baywood Home Care provides flexible hourly assistance on any schedule that the client or the client’s family wants. From one hour once a day to several hours every day and everything in between, our hourly home care options enable you and your loved one to set up a schedule that best meets your needs. Note that just as in an assisted living situation, our care is supervised by Registered Nurses who oversee each case in great detail. Not to mention, our care is provided by highly trained home health aides who are experienced in the realm of elder care, including providing care for those with memory loss.

The Advantages of Hourly Home Care

While assisted living facilities offer services to those who cannot remain at home, there are advantages to home care vs. assisted living. For one thing, people can retain their privacy in a setting of comfort. They can live exactly how they want to live, surrounded by the people, memories and items that rejuvenate them. In fact, clients suffering from memory loss often receive more benefit from care in a home setting. Not to mention, people who receive care at home often receive more personal attention from the R.N. Care Manager, resulting in a care experience designed with their best interest in mind.

Are you searching for home health care in Minnesota? Contact Baywood today to find out how you can benefit from our hourly services. We look forward to hearing from you.