Overcoming Limitations Through Home Health Care

A recent Home Health Care News article spotlights a new national study examining characteristics of the country’s oldest home health care recipients. Among the many findings are details about the types of services needed by health care recipients age 85 and older. One such finding reveals that more than half (52.2%) of the oldest home health care patients had at least four limitations with activities of daily living, while almost 40% had between one and three limitations. The two most common activities that required assistance: bathing and dressing.

You don’t have to be 85 or older to need assistance at home. There are situations, such as chronic health conditions, that result in a loss of independence on some level. For example, a woman who was once able to drive herself to and from appointments and gatherings may now have difficulty transporting herself from place to place. A man who had the strength to prepare his own meals and keep up the house may now be unable to do basic chores or consistently take care of himself. While limitations like these can be incredibly frustrating, they do not automatically mean that a person has to leave home. With the right home health care, most people can live at home indefinitely, without ever having to move.

If you are searching for Minnesota senior care, such as live-in care in Minneapolis or Fairmont home care, Baywood can help. Baywood Home Care serves the greater Minneapolis, MN and St.Paul, MN metro area, and much of south central and southwestern Minnesota. What makes Baywood exceptional? Our commitment to enabling seniors to live where, and how, they want to live.

This mission is reflected in part in the wide range of services we offer. From providing care when family caregivers are absent to assisting with personal care, dressing and grooming, our services make it possible for our clients to overcome their limitations and remain in their homes. In fact, our trained Home Health Aides provide exceptional elder care, including medication administration, catheter care, and the monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar. Even tasks such as doing laundry, cleaning house and running errands can be completed by our highly experienced caregivers.

If you are in need of home health care in Minnesota, contact Baywood today. We look forward to hearing from you.