The cost of home care provided by Baywood is usually similar to or less than that of other alternatives.  In every case, Baywood services provide unmatched value.  This is true in Minneapolis/St. Paul and suburbs, and in all the towns and cities we serve in southern MN, including Mankato, Fairmont, New Ulm, Jackson, St. James, Worthington, Albert Lea, New Ulm,  Blue Earth, etc.

The fees for home health aide services are generally the same or less than those of other home care companies.  R.N. Care Management services are provided free of additional charge for clients with regularly scheduled home health aide services (most other companies have additional charges for this).

Baywood works with insurance companies to plan and manage client care.  This includes discussion of fees, coordination of R.N. Case Management, optimization of the home care plan, etc.

Fees for Services

Effective January 23, 2019


Standard Fee


Hourly Home Health Aide (HHA) (3-hour minimum, one client), Standard HHA Care



Hourly Home Health Aide (HHA), one client,

Complex delegated nursing tasks



Hourly HHA (3-hour minimum, two clients), Standard Care



HHA overnight, able to sleep (10-12 Hours)
          within Minneapolis



Live-in HHA (24-hour care, one client) (13-24 Hours) within Minneapolis



Live-in HHA (24-hour care, two clients) (2nd client, limited assistance)



Live-in HHA (24-hour care, two clients) (Both clients, full assistance)



LPN – Home Care, one client



R.N. Med Management (includes two visits per month) (for clients receiving Home Health Aide services)


(Plus $50/visit for evening/weekend visits or additional visits beyond two per month)

R.N. Med Management and Set-Up

(for clients NOT receiving Home Health Aide services)

$350 for Initial Set-Up; $150/visit thereafter

* Short-term means that the duration of service is less than 14 calendar days.

The above fees include routine Care Management and nurse supervisory visits. Routine Care Management could include coordination and communication with other providers and family, referral to other providers, ordering of medical equipment and supplies, family meetings, care conferences, checking of vital signs, and reviewing documentation of medications, vitals, weight records, etc.

Non-Routine Care Management for clients receiving HHA Services includes attendance at doctor appointments, extra visits or services provided on evenings or weekends, extra visits at any time that are requested by client or family, as well as additional Care Management and visits required for the client’s well-being………………………… .$125/hr.

Care Management for clients not receiving HHA Services (min. 2 hours/month) …………………………………. .$150/hr.

Additional Details

    • Minimum hourly HHA service to receive the standard fees is 6 hours/week

  • Holiday fees are 1½ times these fees

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