Baywood Home Care: Senior In-Home Care ManagementCare Management

Baywood has six Registered Nurses and two Licensed Practical Nurses on staff.  All of them have years of experience.

Nurse Care Managers at Baywood have only one job—to make home care work for our clients. Making home care work for our clients means making their lives better and happier, and enabling them to live however they want to live!

All of the nurses’ time is spent visiting clients, supervising the caregivers, and working on behalf of our clients.  The nurses’ only focus is ensuring that we are providing excellent care and overall excellent service. Baywood is truly in a class of its own:  Providing great care for all adults is our passion!  We care for clients that need senior care, as well as clients that need care because of injury or illness.

Medication management, if desired, is provided for a small monthly fee. This includes ordering of medications, picking them up or arranging delivery, and setting up the medications in pill boxes.

Most routine Nurse Care Management and routine nurse visits are included at no additional charge, for clients that are receiving regular home health aide services.  Most other companies have mandatory separate charges for nurse services. But the  Baywood Minnesota senior care,  post accident care, and adult care services include many nurse services without additional charges, because we want our only focus to be on making home care successful for our clients.

Routine Care Management includes such things as:

  • Checking vital signs
  • Making regular home visits to supervise home health aides
  • Making extra home visits to assess client status, instruct HHA’s, talk to family members, etc.
  • Attending care conferences
  • Arranging doctor appointments
  • Participating in family meetings
  • Arranging Medicare-covered services, such as Physical therapy, or wound care
  • Ordering home medical equipment and recommending home modifications
  • Arranging other therapies, such as massage therapy, or water exercise
  • Reviewing blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight records, and making recommendations

Baywood nurses provide both medication management and care management. Whether clients need home care in the greater Twin Cities area or in southern Minnesota, there is a Baywood Registered Nurse nearby to ensure the quality of their home care.