home care fees hourly servicesThe cost of home care provided by Baywood is usually similar to or less than that of other alternatives.  In every case, Baywood services provide unmatched value.  This is true in Minneapolis/St. Paul and suburbs, Western Wisconsin and in all the towns and cities we serve in southern MN, including Mankato, Fairmont, New Ulm, Jackson, St. James, Worthington, Albert Lea, New Ulm, Blue Earth, etc.

The fees for home health aide services are generally the same or less than those of other home care companies.  R.N. Care Management services are provided free of additional charge for clients with regularly scheduled home health aide services (most other companies have additional charges for this).

Baywood home care fees generally result in costs that are comparable to those of assisted living or nursing homes.  So, for most people, the decision to have home care, versus moving to assisted living or a nursing home, is probably not going to be a financial decision.  Therefore, people should make the decision based on what they WANT. And home care is a wonderful option for many.

Download a copy of the Twin Cities Fee Schedule by clicking here.

Download a copy of the Southern Minnesota Fee Schedule by clicking here.