Man with alzheimers care services in Minneapolis, MNBaywood Home Care provides wonderful care and companionship at home for people with all stages and types of memory loss. It is often assumed that people with memory loss need to move to a “dementia unit” or an “Alzheimer’s unit”  in a care center (nursing home) or an assisted living facility.

In fact, though there are people with advanced memory loss who may need to live in a facility, they are the exception.  Most people can live at home indefinitely, and for many people with memory loss, living at home — with home care — is far better.

Why is living at home with home care often better?

  • Of course it is helpful in many ways to be in familiar surroundings — to be home — to have one’s own furniture, a familiar floor plan, familiar pictures, dishes, etc.
  • But another huge factor is having consistent caregivers.  With Alzheimer’s care services at home, there are just a few consistent caregivers.

Baywood has long experience caring for people with different types of dementia.  Whether the cause of the memory loss is Alzheimer’s or another condition, Baywood can provide excellent care at home.  All of our caregivers have training and experience in dementia care.

The Alzheimer’s Care Services for clients with memory loss can be on an hourly or
24-hour live-in basis. The services we provide for clients with memory loss include:

  • Ensuring safety
  • Providing companionship
  • Enabling the client to live the life they want to live — going shopping, to the hairdresser, etc.
  • Meals and household tasks
  • Medication administration, personal care and assistance with mobility as needed
Families of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients should seriously consider the option of Baywood Alzheimer’s Care Services so their family member can have the advantages of living at home.
Whether your family member lives in the greater Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, or in South Central or Southwestern MN, they have the very real option of home care, and continuing to live at home.  Get more information and consider this option!