Coordinating Memory Care from a Distance

If your loved one is struggling with dementia and you are not nearby to provide regular assistance, the challenges of helping from afar can seem overwhelming. As noted in a June 2013 Caring article by Verna Benner Carson, managing your loved one’s health care, finances, safety and nutrition is no easy feat, especially if you are assisting from a distance. However, there are steps you can take to make this process easier. Obtaining helpful legal advice, having a thorough understanding of your loved one’s level of need, and coordinating services such as transportation are key. Medication administration, meal preparation and basic home maintenance are also of the utmost importance.

Rather than taking on the responsibility of coordinating assistance in each of these individual areas, why not let a trusted home care provider oversee the many tasks involved? Today we take a look at how Baywood Home Care in MN can help in the realm of memory care.

The Benefits of Home Care

When it comes to memory loss, many people can live at home indefinitely with the right care. Why is a home setting so helpful? For one thing, people suffering from memory loss benefit from being surrounded by the familiar—their own furniture, pictures, dishes and more. In addition, home care allows your loved one to receive the undivided attention of one dedicated caregiver. Rather than being one of many in a facility setting, he or she can receive a level of one-on-one care that makes a difference.

Helpful Services

Baywood provides superior in-home care in MN by offering a wide range of services. We administer medication. We prepare meals. We run errands. We provide transportation. We provide companionship and safety for clients with memory loss. We can even assist with daily housekeeping and cleaning duties. If you are coordinating memory care from a distance, we can take the reins and oversee the many areas in which your loved one needs assistance. We are here to help.

Levels of Care

Another undeniable benefit of home care is the ability to taper services up or down as needed. Your loved one may only require hourly care at this point. But as the memory loss progresses, an increase in care may be necessary. We’ve got you covered. Many people assume their loved ones will be moved to a facility when the need for care increases, but many are able to remain in their homes with the right care. Which is why we also provide 24-hour home care to meet your needs. When you are coordinating memory care from a distance, the ability to increase service as needed with a trusted home care provider is invaluable.

Are you searching for senior home care in MN, such as 24-hour home care in Minneapolis, MN? Contact Baywood today to see how we can help.