How you can help seniors avoid social isolation

How you can help seniors avoid social isolation

Social interaction among people of all ages is important for emotional, physical and cognitive health. As we get older, the likelihood of living alone increases. Children are grown and out of the house, and a spouse may no longer be around. What steps are you taking to help the seniors in your life avoid social isolation? Here are some ways to promote connectedness and social health.

  • Make transportation accessible. Immobility is a challenge for the elderly, often having lost the freedom to drive. Coping with that loss may be difficult, especially when they fear asking for a ride may be a burden. Providing access to safe, reliable transportation will promote a sense of independence and increase the likelihood of social participation. It opens the doors to attend social events, visit family, be involved in the community, and provides opportunities for those who may not otherwise leave their home.
  • Instill a sense of purpose. Encourage fulfilling, enjoyable activities or hobbies. Anything that involves interaction or a group, such as playing cards, senior center events and volunteering, may all  benefit social health.  Suggest adopting a shelter pet, or joining a garden club. Providing a pet to care for or being involved in activities provides a purpose for getting out for a morning walk, dressed up for movies with friends, interacting in the community … etc.
  • Hire a caregiver. Having a good caregiver is important to help someone who is staying in their own home. Our home health aides at Baywood genuinely care about clients and provide good social support, in addition to being good communicators and listeners. Great effort is put into matching our clients with a compatible caregiver. Baywood works hard to provide consistent caregivers, so clients get to know their designated caregiver. Clients and caregivers develop a close, supportive relationship.  

You play an important role in helping the seniors in your life feel less socially isolated. We are happy to share more with you how we can support seniors in their overall well-being. If you or someone you know in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro or southern Minnesota area could benefit from home care services, contact us at Baywood Home Care.