A gift that can’t be wrapped: spending the holidays at home

The holidays are a very special time to spend with family. This season provides the opportunity to reflect on memories made, and think of the times to come. You may recall the cherished memory of visiting grandma and grandpa’s house during the holidays, or growing up having a cozy holiday season with mom and dad at home. Places, such as our homes, hold such a powerful spot in our memories. As we age, having the choice to stay in our home and continue to create these holiday memories is priceless.

As you spend time with aging relatives over the holidays, this is a good opportunity to personally observe their living habits. Health changes can happen quickly; a once strong father may now be weak or frail, a tidy mother may have a house that is now in disarray. Absence allows one to notice things they may not otherwise have seen. Whether you live nearby or far away, here are a few signs that may indicate the need for action to ensure the safety and health of an older family member:

  • Weight loss:  Food in the refrigerator is spoiled or uneaten. Nutrition may suffer when someone is only eating enough to get by.
  • Balance: A lack of coordination and balance increases the risk of falls, potentially  harming more fragile bones.
  • Emotional wellbeing: A loss of interest in once pleasurable activities. Symptoms of depression or feeling isolated, alone and sometimes hopelessness.
  • Home environment: The house is cluttered and unkempt. This is especially important if it is normally kept tidy.

Be sensitive, as it may be difficult for the elderly to come to terms with the fact that they may no longer be able to care for themselves. It may be that the last thing you want to do is move your elderly relative into a nursing home or assisted living facility. And yet, personally caring for someone can become very time consuming, and in some circumstances unfeasible, especially if there is a great physical distance between you and your loved one.

Not all gifts come wrapped beneath the tree. Baywood Home Care may just be the best gift you can give your family this year. Baywood offers 24-hour and hourly private in-home care with unmatched value. This senior home care alleviates the worry you may be experiencing as the caregiver, knowing that full attention and care is provided at all times. With ease of mind, spend this holiday season joyful at the prospect of having yet another holiday in the home of someone you care about.