Filling a Need for Seniors and their Families


The KYCR-AM Minneapolis Business Forum Show radio interview with Baywood Home Care’s Dorothy Muffett offers so many valuable insights that the show was split into two segments. In the second segment, host Kevin Hunter starts by sharing that he thinks that Baywood’s services provide a more dignified type of care than some other providers. Finding a way to allow seniors to remain in the reassuring environment of their own home can lend to positive social outcomes.

Muffett clarifies that in-home care is not a short-term solution, though it can be a solution for the rest of people’s lives. She states, “People can live at home indefinitely, in most cases forever. Any kind of care that can be provided in a nursing home can be provided at home.” To add to that benefit, the cost of home care is comparable to assisted living and nursing homes.

Muffett recognized a need for seniors and their families, and through Baywood her staff is filling that need. While some people may choose to continue caring for their elderly loved ones, caregiving takes a toll on family members. Baywood works to identify a solution to fit the need of each client. Respite care is an option for temporary relief, in which Baywood caregivers step in to provide the family with support and a break from their duties.

When asked if she would do it all over again, if she could go back in time before Baywood was established, Muffett responds with a resounding “Yes.” The entire Baywood staff would agree with her, because they love coming to work every day to improve people’s lives. Hearing a few client stories makes it apparent that none of their clients would be able to be where they are without Baywood’s help.

KYCR-AM Minneapolis, MN Business Forum Show Part II